Maldives: the shark, the ray and the turtle

Pristine beaches, turquoise water and paradise are some of the words usually used when describing the Maldives. The Royal Island Resort was my island and it definitely felt like it was mine. It truly was deserted. Stepping out of the villa straight onto a private area of beach and a few steps to the sea. The warm sun soaking everything it touched. The sea disappearing into the horizon. What to do for the next 6 days?

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Welcome: It all started with a cancellation


What to repack?

The first blog to launch my site was due to be posted just before a much awaited trip to Nepal and Base Camp Everest. Six months of preparation and training were nearly complete. With less than three weeks until departure and half way into the final training walk injury struck the group. Perhaps the injury would recover and we could still go. No chance. The Nepal trip was cancelled. This left a dilemma.

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