Welcome: It all started with a cancellation


What to repack?

The first blog to launch my site was due to be posted just before a much awaited trip to Nepal and Base Camp Everest. Six months of preparation and training were nearly complete. With less than three weeks until departure and half way into the final training walk injury struck the group. Perhaps the injury would recover and we could still go. No chance. The Nepal trip was cancelled. This left a dilemma.

Two weeks booked off work to fill with an injury friendly destination. That meant the beach. Booking a beach holiday with only a weeks notice proved surprisingly difficult. So many of the beach destinations I wanted to visit were sold out or the flight times didn’t fit the schedule. The only option was ‘just a week in the Maldives’.

Just a week in the Maldives? This had been on my must do travel list for a number of years. There had always been a reason for other beach destinations to move ahead on the list. Be it cost, available time or the overwhelming choice of islands to choose from. Now it was all falling into place. The price was reasonable, we could pick the dates and an amazing island was available. I had gone from planning a trip to the country containing the highest peak in the world (8848 metres) to preparing a visit to the lowest country with its dizzying peak of 2 metres. What did that mean? Yes, unpacking everything and repacking a lot less. Swimming and snorkeling awaited.

Everything out of the suitcase.

In the uncertainty that surrounded Nepal I was reminded how much the preparation and countdown to an adventure is as much a part of the experience and a great part. I may have been going on one trip but I counted down to two. There is still the small matter of re-arranging Nepal. Whilst the recovery is underway I will be checking departure dates and starting the countdown again. I have certainly gained a lot more packing time and the opportunity to launch this blog.

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Have you ever had to cancel or delay your travel plans? What happened?

Next blog: Maldives.


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