Canada 150 Happy Anniversary

Here is a picture of the Canada 150 sign with alternative red and white letters and numbers

Quebec City

Stand up, raise your glass and say happy anniversary because Canada turns 150 today. It’s not every day you get the chance to join in the celebrations with an entire country and Canada is making no secret of theirs. Across the country events are planned to mark the anniversary and they want you to visit.

When I chose a country off my travel list I started planning which Canadian cities to visit in 2017 yet I wasn’t aware of the significance of the year. By the end of the trip I was in no doubt. Toronto, Niagara Falls and Quebec City all have huge signs letting you know what is happening. The only place I couldn’t find one was Montreal. If you know where it is located do let me know.

Canada Day

The 1st July marks Canada Day and the events and fireworks displays taking place across the country will be spectacular. Each city on the trip was unique and will of course want to put their own mark on remembering this day. The Canadian Government has supported this by spending a significant amount of money on various festivities.

Here is the #standupforcanada sign in red



Canada has an official start to summer each year due to the weather and with it come the visitors. In 2017 it was 24th June. Prior to this date some attractions restrict their opening times and available activities. A start to summer means there will be an end. Be sure to check in advance before making your plans.

Another reason to make your visit this year, Parks Canada are offering free entry to all their sites throughout 2017. This will help you keep your travel costs down.

Therefore if you have some spare annual leave at work, pack your bags and make 2017 the year you travel to Canada. You never know, you might just witness some celebrations.

Here is the Toronto sign in white with City Hall in the background and water in the foreground

Toronto City Hall

Since this is just a teaser for the full blogs I will be bringing you on each Canadian city I visited on my trip you can now have a look around my site.

Finally, here’s to another 150 years Canada, happy birthday. Cheers.

Have you visited Canada or are you planning to go? Which cities did you see? Did you witness any birthday celebrations?

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