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You’re going on another trip. That’s become the joke. It’s true, I am regularly planning a trip or going on an adventure. I decided to start this blog to share with you the fun I have and prove that it is possible to have a job and travel. It also gets me thinking about where  I want to go next. WorkPackTravel gives a little insight into what to expect from me. I work, I pack and I travel. It is as simple as that and with a bit of planning you can do the same.


Work funds my travels and experiences. Working has not prevented me  seeing some of the planet. Quite the opposite. To do both requires some discipline in focusing on where I want to go and what is required to get me there. My adventures are not always the cheapest however they are cost effective and if I can find a bargain I most certainly will. I will happily spend an evening comparing flight and hotels costs.


The suitcase always comes down from the attic weeks before the trip starts and this is when the countdown begins. It was on a trip to Peru in 2014 that I realised how much packing is involved in travel. Whilst moving around Lima, The Amazon Rainforest and The Inca Trail I was unpacking and repacking every day. Always having to think about what I would need for tomorrow. I have learned a few useful tips.


I’m a bit of a stamp collector, passport stamps that is. The more I see of the world the longer the list of destinations I want to visit becomes. I would love to see them all and I have started ticking countries and experiences off the list. If I can sneak in a sporting event whilst on an adventure it is definitely a bonus. I have even planned a few trips around sports for example Euro 2016 and the Monaco Grand Prix. In recent years the need to climb a mountain or tower and conquer a challenge have given me inspiration for determining where to visit next. Nature and the great outdoors also provide motivation for adventure.

Some of the interesting places I have visited include the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the Chinese Grand Prix and the Borneo Rainforest. Check out the Confirmed Travel tab for details for past and future trips.

If WorkPackTravel.com inspires you to take a break from work, get packing and go travelling I’d love to hear about it. You will notice you are can comment on my blog and follow me via social media. Remember to share it.


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